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What is the Difference between Hydrology, Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Who is unaware about power of water and air? The need is just to handle and utilize these blessings of nature in useful and precise ways. Hydrology, Hydraulics and Pneumatics are the braches of science and technology that guide us about the proper utilization of water, air and gases. Here is the detailed discussion and difference between these three branches of science and technology.


Hydrology is a vast field of science that deals with water sources, resources, availability of water through its proper movement and distribution. In numerous sub-braches of hydrology, Surface hydrology, Hydrometeorology, Drainage basin management and Isotope hydrology are very important. The overall objects of this branch of scientific study is managing agricultural productivity through designing irrigation and drainage system as well as providing fresh drinking water.


We all know that liquid is a form of matter and has some mechanical and chemical properties. Now the branch of science that discusses mechanical properties of liquids is called hydraulics. Hydraulics is the branch of science that is discussed both in engineering and applied science just to solve the matters of power generation through turbines and pumps by using power of pressurized liquids.


Today, use of pneumatic pressure has become common in every industry. The reason is that, it is not feasible to use water everywhere, if we want the movement of some part of machine without using electric motors directly. Here the only solution is to create pressure by compressed air or gases and such pressure is called pneumatic pressure. So, pneumatics is that branch of science and technology that deals with all matters that are required to generate pressure via compressed gases or air.

Hydrology vs Hydraulics vs Pneumatic

Hydrology is the entirely different branch of science than other two closely related technology-oriented subjects called hydraulics and pneumatics. Hydrology is simply the study of complete water cycle, its distribution, availability for irrigation and drainage etc. In fact, both hydraulics and pneumatic are the branches of technology that guide us about the technical aspects that we face to move the objects via pressure of fluids. In case of hydraulics, we discuss force of pressured water that has ability to move the objects for power generation. However, in case of pneumatics, we study the properties of air and gases that under pressure have ability to produce power by moving the parts of engines or turbines.

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