What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between Joules Decibels Lumens Hertz Watts Volts Amps

Each scientific term is measured in some specific unit. There are two types of units that are used to describe the value of any scientific terms. These two units are named as; Basic Units and Derived Units. Joules, Decibels, Lumens, Hertz, Watts, Volts and Amps are the names of some units that are related to electricity. Normally, people get confuse about their use and mix these terms in their daily life. Here is the difference between these terms.


Joule is unit of energy and it is a derived unit. Its smallest unit is 1 joule that is the energy produced when one ampere electric current passes through one ohm resistance in one second. It is expressed as “J”.


Decibel is a unit that is used to express various physical quantities like aquatic, electronics etc. It is the power and amplitude that we get from electronic components on behalf of their voltages. It is represented as Db.


Luminous flux is measured in lumen that is the derived unit. Luminous flux is nothing, but the amount of light that emits from a source and its measurement is made in lumen units.


The frequency of light is measured in the units called Hertz. It is measurement of periodic motion of anything in cycles per second.


Measurement of rate of energy produced in the form of electrical power is made in watts that are the smallest and derived units of power. Watt is equal to number of joules per second.


Electric potential and electromotive force is measured in volts V. When one ampere electric current passes through the wire and dispel the power of one watt, the potential difference between two edges of wire will be one ampere.


Amp is the abbreviation of ampere and is the basic unit in SI system. It is the basic unit of electric current. It denotes the measurement of electric current or electric charge in the sense, when one coulomb charge passes through a circuit in one second, it is one ampere.

Joules vs Decibels vs Lumens vs Hertz vs Watts vs Volts vs Amps

Joules, watts and decibel are the units of power in various senses. In the field of electronics, joule represents the amount of energy that one ampere current generates after passing through resistance of one ohm in a fixed time interval that is not more than one second. However, watt is nothing, but number of joules produced in one second. On the other hand, decibel is the power that we get on behalf of voltage of any electric component. Hertz is the measurement of light frequency in cycles per second. Lumen is the measurement of luminous flux or amount of light produced by any source.  Volt is the measurement unit of electric potential difference between two points in contrast to amp that is the measurement unit of electric current passes through a circuit in one second.

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