What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between Monsters, Aliens, Demons, Ghosts and Zombies

Monsters, Aliens, Demons, Ghosts and Zombies are the names of some supernatural or fictional characters that we commonly hear many times in our routine life. the proof of their existence is another chapter, but many people think that all these names are used for same fictional creature. It is not, there are some differences between these characters that are as below.


The word monster is used to describe some formidable or dreadful creature that could be a source of harm for human beings either by just showing its physical appearance or by doing some physical torture. In fact, it is not more than an imaginary creature that is a common character of many movies as well as videogames.


Alien means such fictional creature that does not belong to earth, but another intelligent organism that belong to some other planet. Some people and scientists claim that this is not an imaginary creature, but a non-human living organism that is more intelligent than human and also has no origin from earth.


Demon is a term that is used to describe a supernatural character, which is not a human being, but like a devil spirit. Many religions, literature and folk stories unveil the character of Demon as existing, but supernatural dirt spirit.


Among all other supernatural creatures, the most believing creature for a large community is called ghost. Most of the sources define ghost as a spirit or soul that is be of a deceased person and can reflect it invisible appearance or barely translucent.


Zombie is a term that is used to describe a fictional character, having evidence of death, but behaves like living humans. It is a very popular character of horror and fictional movies, in which zombie’s picture come in front of us as a hungry creature for human flesh and brain.

Monsters vs Aliens vs Demons vs Ghosts vs Zombies

All these names reveal some fictional characters that are harmful for human beings. Some people claim their evidence, but there is no solid proof of their existence till now. However, they have some differences on behalf of their appearance, shape and habits. Monster are non-human horrifying characters of many movies and videogames, but aliens is the specific word used for creature of other planets. Demons and ghosts are supernatural organisms that exist in the form of soul or spirit. Zombie is also undead character that even after death, remain present between human beings.

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