What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between Rotation and Revolution

Revolution and rotation, both are associated with the movement of the earth, moon and sun, the well known space residents. None of the object in space is stationary.  There was a time when this movement was considered against GOD’s plans and scientists were not suppose to speak out loud if the earth moves or not. With the passage of time, the researchers discovered more and more interesting facts about the universe that it is in movement to some point. Anyway, rotation and revolution are not same they both are movements but different in nature.


Revolution is the movement of an object around another object. The understand this; we take the example of earth’s movement around sun. The earth moves around sun and completes its revolution in 365 days or one year. Other solar elements too circle sun. So they all revolve around the sun.


The rotation is the movement of the object around its own axis. To understand this we take the example of the movement of earth. Earth moves around its own axis too. The own axis of the earth is an imaginary line between north and South Pole. So this self-circling is called rotation.

Revolution vs Rotation

The basic difference between the two movements is the nature of the movement. The rotation means to circle around one’s own axis while the revolution means to circle around any other object. The second difference is the velocity of the objects. The velocity of the object which rotates can be different from the object that revolves. The revolution and rotation co-exist in space while they can also be seen differently. Their co-existence is the reason why we see our earth as stationary object. The rotation is the movement that covers lower distance than revolution. For example, earth completes its rotation in almost 30 days, while the same earth completes its revolution in 365 days.

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