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What is the Difference between Textpad, Wordpad, Notepad and Notepad++

Microsoft windows has brought many useful tools for its users. Text editing tools are getting advance with the passage of time. Different text editing tools like wordpad, textpad, notepad and notepad++ are used to edit text documents. They all contain their own specific special features. Now look at the difference between all these tools.


It is a text editor software used by Microsoft windows and operating system. It is released in 1992. It has many features like automatic code indentation, and ability to maintain block indent. Textpad has the ability to call external programs. Textpad is loaded with many pre-defined clip libraries like ANSI characters, HTML characters and html tags. Clipboard history is a very useful clip library. It provides support for editing files.


It is another text editing tool. By using wordpad, we can edit our text documents and much more. It is very good for editing formatted documents. We can change fonts of our documents in wordpad. Graphics and pictures can be place in document. Size and color of fonts can be chosen by our choice. Hyper text links in web pages can be place in wordpad. It can save documents in the docx and odt formats.


It is one more text editor. Notepad loads the files very fast, even on old systems. It is a best editor for creating a HTML document. We can not change font size and color in notepad. Font data is not saved with document. It does not allow to add image in document.


It is a new text editing tool. It comes with many tabs which are very useful and convenient for a user. Tabs like ctrl plus and ctrl plus shift allow to move back and forward direction with tabs. There are different tab colors which prominent the file status. A blue icon tells us the file is not edited and saved.

Wordpad vs Notepad vs Textpad vs Notepad++

Above described all the text editors are used in Microsoft windows. The difference between wordpad and textpad is, textpad has many clip libraries which help user to operate easily while in wordpad we can add images and graphics in our document. We can also change font color and their size in wordpad. Difference between notepad and notepad++ is, in notepad we cannot add graphics in document. We cannot change font color and size in notepad. In notepad++ we can use different tabs to go in any direction. There are different colors of files which tell us about status of file. Notepad is best for creating html pages.

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