What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between Workbook, Spreadsheet and Worksheet

Computer has made our life easier than ever before. Now we can not only record our data precisely, but analysis and working with data is also very easy. Different programs are useful in this regard, but Microsoft excel is the most commonly used program. This program is not only used for recording and analyzing data but also helps in calculating. Workbook, spreadsheet and worksheet are few commonly used terms, with respect to excel. All these terms are different but usually used interchangeably. Here, we are discussing the difference between them.

Work book.

A file, which contain sheet to work on, is called as workbook. If we take the example of Microsoft Excel, a workbook contains three worksheets. Many other programs also have workbooks, which are used for the same purpose. Number of work sheet in work book varies with the program used.


Spreadsheet is the main working space of any such program. When we open a program like Excel, we load a spreadsheet, which further contains workbooks and worksheets. Hence, spreadsheet is a larger program, as compare to others.


The sheet on which data is actually recorded is called as work sheet. Different formulas are applied for the analysis of data on the work sheet. So, we can say that worksheet is the working table of excel. It is the single sheet.

Workbook vs Spreadsheet vs Worksheet

These terms are used interchangeably, while they are entirely different from each other. Spreadsheet is the main sheet, which we load when we start a program like Excel. Spreadsheet further contains work books and each workbook has three worksheets. Worksheet is the single page, which contains data. Worksheet is the basic unit of an program, which get to gather to make a workbook and spreadsheet contain many workbooks.

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