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What is the Difference between Azerty, Dvorak, Qwerty and Concept Keyboards

All of us know that keyboard is an essential computer accessory and without it, it is impossible to perform various functions on computer especially writing work. Well, we can see the keyboards is different styles and in different arrangement of alphabet keys. In fact, these were different eras in which different people suggested the key arrangement style with respect to their ease. Azerty, Dvorak, Qwerty and Concept Keyboards are some of these types and here is the difference between them.

Azerty Keyboard

Azerty keyboard is nothing, but a French of standard QWERTY keyboard. However, in this keyboard, A and Z are in top most row in place of Q and W. Similarly, M is present along the right side of L key.

Dvorak Keyboard

Dvorak keyboard is designed for speed typing with introducing frequent using letters in the middle row. This thing has made the hand movement over the key board very low and hence better typing speed. Moreover, Dvorak keyboards are available in two versions; left-handed and right-handed.

QWERTY Keyboard

This is most commonly using type and standard layout of keyboard. In fact, the name of this type of keyboard is derived from the first 6 letters of uppermost row. It was invented in 1868.

Concept Keyboard

Concept keyboard or Overlay Keyboard is not only a completely different type than all common keyboard types, but also very some specialized use. In fact, there is no pre-decided key arrangement in this type of keyboard and keys are programmed with some special type of function on computer. After that, a programmed sheet of keys is placed on the unmarked buttons.

Azerty vs Dvorak vs Qwerty vs Concept Keyboards

The difference between QWERTY and Azerty is that, QWERTY is the English version and Azerty is the French version of keyboards. In both keyboards the position of Q and W keys as well as A and Z keys are interchanged. Moreover, the position of M in Azerty is also different from QWERTY. However, Dvorak keyboard is different from both Azerty and QWERTY in that manner that it allows the fastest typing speed with entirely different arrangement of keys than other two types. However, the concept keyboard is based upon the concept of programmer that decides the position of keys on the keyboard itself according to specified function of each key.

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