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What is the Difference between Electric Water Heater and Gas Water Heater

A heater is a widely using household accessory which is used for room heating, bathing and cooking purposes in almost all parts of the globe. No doubt, there is an extensive use of heater in cold regions or countries, but this common household accessory is also used in warm areas in the winter season. According to principal of heating water, there are two types of water heater which are Electric Water Heater and Gas Water Heater. Some people like to use electric water heater, but most of the people prefer to use a gas water heater in case of consistent and abundant availability of natural gas. There are some reasons which compel the people to choose any one of these water heaters and these reasons make the differences between these two types of heaters. Here is the description of the difference between Electric Water Heater and Gas Water Heater.

Electric Water Heater

As clear from its name, electric water heater perform their function of heating or boiling water for various domestic and industrial purposes by means of electric supply. Such heaters are costly to use, less efficient and dangerous in case of rusted or bare metal surface of heaters.

Gas Water Heater

In the Gas water heater, natural gas is burned to ignite the burner and ultimately boiling the water. This is a cheaper choice for boiling water and ultimately acquire the desired results like room heating, cooking and bathing. People always prefer to use gas water heater due to the safety point of view and low initial as well as working cost.

Electric Water Heater vs Gas Water Heater

Electric water heaters is considered a costly choice due to high rates of electricity as compared to gas rates. Moreover, with respect to efficiency both Electric Water Heater and Gas Water Heater are also different from each other. Again, gas water heaters are more efficient than electric water heaters and gas water heaters boil the water in less time as compared to electric water heaters. The major difference between both types of heaters is their cost of use. As gas is a cheaper source as compared to electricity, so gas water heaters are the preferred choice of people. However, the use of electric water heaters is also very much in many countries due to non-availability of naturalĀ  gas. Another difference between Electric Water Heater and Gas Water Heater is theirĀ  safety. In case of touching the bare metal surface of gas heaters, only burning sensation could occur, but in case of electric heaters, a severe electric shock could be faced.

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