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What is the Difference between Internet Radio, Hd Radio and Xm Satellite Radio

High-tech digital electronic media devices like digital television with advanced stereo system, DVD players and compact music players are the devices that are lowering the use of listening traditional large-sized radio systems continuously. Today, radio technology has also become very advanced and available not only in compact media devices and mobile phones, but also at internet as well. Internet Radio, Hd Radio and Xm Satellite Radio are the name of some radio services and here is the difference between them.

Internet Radio

Any audio service, offered by some radio station, that we can hear at internet is called Internet radio. In this way, you become unworried about signal strength or coverage area. You can listen internet radio service of any other country as well in addition to your own country at internet. Internet radio is continuous streaming media service and is also called webcasting.

HD Radio

HR Radio is just the trademark iBiquity’s digital radio technology. This digital radio technology, offered by iBiquity is named as IBOD or in-band-on-channel. Under the name of this technology, the company offers transmission of analog and digital radio signals at a time and even at same frequency.

Xm Satellite Radio

Xm satellite Radio is an American-based satellite radio service that offers is offered by Sirius XM Radio. Today, Xm Satellite Radio is also available in Canada. Xm Satellite Radio service is available in exclusively wide range with 39 news and sports channels, 73 music channels and 21traffic and weather channels. It is pay-for-service technology of Sirius XM Radio.

Internet Radio vs Hd Radio vs Xm Satellite Radio

Internet Radio is just like traditional radio; means you cannot replay or pause or service. However, HD Radio is the technology that includes internet radio as a subservice. In fact, HD radio describes the IBOD service of iBiquity. By means of this radio technology, we can receive both digital and analog radio signals at a time with same frequency. On the other hand, Xm Satellite Radio being satellite-based is entirely different technology than internet radio and HD Radio. This technology offers you an opportunity to pause, replay and even save the radio program by using your compact media devices as well.

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