What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between ISA, PCI, AGP and PCIE Slots

Computer is a greatest invention of the twentieth century. It has many parts and different devices which are inserted in it and these devices and different attachments made the working of the computer possible. There are two things which make the working of the computer possible. One is hardware and includes the physical parts which are included in the CPU and monitor. The software parts include the software and this type of other applications. Here we are going to discuss hardware parts and the difference between them

ISA Slots

It is a computer bus which is the product of IBM computers and they produced it in early 1980’s. it is compatible with the IBM made personal computers. About six devices can be connected with it.

PCI slots

It is a conventional slot which is installed in the computer to attach the hardware devices with the computer. Typical PCI slots which are normally used in the computer include the USB, sound card and modems etc.

AGP Slots

It is a very high speed advanced point to point slot which is usually used to attach a video card to the computer’s mother board to enhance the quality of the video which is being played on the computer. it is usually used in the 3d computers or gaming computers.

PCIE Slots

It is a modernized version of PCI and AGP slots and is create by the few recognized famous brands. It has more improved speed and is more efficient. It is largely used especially in laptops and as Express card.

ISA Slot Vs PCI Slot Vs AGP Slot Vs PCIE Slots

ISA slot is a computer bus which is develops made personal computers. PCI Slots is the conventional slots which are commonly used and USB and sound cards are some examples of it where as AGP slots are the slots where video card can be attached to enhance video quality. PCIE is the latest and multi functional slot.

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