What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between Juicer Grinder Mixer Blender and Food Processor

Cooking is need of human being. However, with the passage of time, it has taken the shape of an art. Advancement in science and technology has played an important role, even in this field. Different types of machines have been introduced, which we commonly use in our kitchens these days. Many brands are manufacturing these machines like juicer, grinder, mixer, blender and food processors. All these terms are used interchangeably, but we are describing the basic differences between them.


A tool used for extracting juices from fruits, vegetables and wheat grasses is called as juicer. Different types of juicers are used for different fruits. For fruits like lemons, oranges, limes citrus juicer is used. They are available in manual versions also. Lemon reamer is a common juicer, used in our kitchens.


Grinder is also a kitchen appliance, which is used for grinding, and mixing raw or cooked meat, vegetables and other foods. Like juicer they are electrical as well as manual. A knife is usually installed inside the machine, which cut the food into very small particles. Meat grinders are also available in the market, which are used for mice, particularly.


Mixer is a tool commonly used in kitchens for mixing, folding and beating of food ingredients. Hand mixers and stand mixers are two common types of mixers. Mixer usually has beaters at the end, which are immersed in the food to be mixed.


To mix, puree or emulsified food and other substance, an appliance blender is used. Stationary blenders consist of a jar with blade at the bottom and motor rotate them. Immersion blenders are also used these days, which we can use in any container.

Food processor

An Electric appliance, which facilitate in food making process in kitchen is called as food processor. It has many changeable plates and disks, which can do multiple tasks of us. Usually no liquid is required in processor to make it work.

Juicer vs Grinder vs Mixer vs Blender vs Food Processor

All these are different kitchen appliances, which help in food making process. Juicer, grinders and mixer perform a particular task while food processor is a multi tasking machine. Juicers are only for extracting juices, which grinders, mixers and blenders can be used for fruits, vegetables and wheat grasses also. Juicer, mixers and blenders have fixed blades, while in food processor we can change blades according to type of food and task. All these machines are usually motor driven but manual version are also available. In food processor no water is required of food processing but blenders and mixers cannot work without adding water.

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