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What is the Difference between Main Virtual Registered Auxiliary Cache Memory

Computer is the wondrous invention of the twentieth century and it has revolutionized the thinking as well as life style of human beings. It is the invention which has changed the meaning of the words and has brought a wave of inventions after it. It has socialized human life. Computer has many types of memories which are used save different types of data. Few of these memory types are discussed here and their differences are being identified.

Main Memory

It is the internal memory of the computer which is referred as main memory. It is also called built-in memory of the computer and is distinguished from mass storage devices.

Virtual Memory

It is the memory of the computer which is designed to perform multi-functional tasks. RAM and mass storage devices are such type of memory.

Registered Memory

It is the memory which is a register between DRAM, memory modules and computer’s internal memory. It is usually used in the computers to run servers.

Auxiliary Memory

It is a high speed memory which is present in a super computer. it is not controlled by CPU and is directly connected to main memory by means of a cable.

Cache Memory

It is the transparent copy of the memory which is stored in the computer. its main function is to make the access to the stored memory faster by using this copy.

Main Vs Virtual Vs Auxiliary Vs Registered Vs Cache Memory

Main memory is the built in memory of the computer while virtual memory is the extra memory devices which are inserted in the computer. Registered memory is a high class memory and is used for professional use while auxiliary memory is used by super computers. Cache is a transparent print of the memory which is stored in the computer to enable easy and quick access.

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