What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between MOS, DSLR, CMOS and CCD

If you have some interest in photography, then surely these names are not new for you. Yes, all these terms are related to digital photography. Today, the field of digital photography has become so advanced that it has become very difficult to understand the technologies, used in different digital cameras. To resolve this issue, here is some key information about commonly used terms in digital photography.


CCD or Charged-Couple Device is such image sensor or photo-electric device that is widely used in digital imagining for light detection. Actually, CCD image sensors are used, where high-quality image with minimum noise is being required.


Complementary metal-oxide semi-conductor or CMOS is such image sensor that is also used in digital photography, but as a cheaper replacement of CCD sensors. These sensors are relatively good for providing color information, but yield noisy background.


Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras are the digital cameras in which both CCD and CMOS image sensors can be used, depends upon the required quality of picture. In these digital cameras, a penta-prism and a mechanical mirror system is used to direct light from lens to image sensor.


MOS or Metal Oxide semi-conductor is the image convertor used for vision construction and today, it is widely using technology in latest digital cameras. It is also observing that MOS is generating same results as CCD in contrast to CMOS.


DSLR is obviously the digital camera in which we can use either CCD image sensor or CMOS image sensor. A CCD is an analogue image sensor that gives best light sensitivity with low noise and hence best picture quality. The drawback is that CCD offer poor color reproduction in contrast to CMOS that offer best color reproduction. Moreover, CMOS consume less power and are cheaper one as compared to CCD. Today, some manufacturers are using MOS technology that is going equivalent to CCD in terms of light sensitivity and noise level.

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