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What is the Difference between Petrol, Hybrid, Electric and Gas Cars

There are many types of automobiles, which we commonly used in our lives. Cars are the personalized form of automobiles. As the technology has changed, so the type of fuel and shapes of the car has been changed. Now, we have cars which are more fuel efficient and compact. There are different types of fuels used in cars, but a common person cannot differentiate that how a fuel makes a car different. Here we are discussing difference between petrol, hybrid, electric and gas cars.

Petrol car

The cars which used petrol or gasoline engine are called as petrol cars. The spark ignition in the internal combustion engine is used to supply the power to the car. Other volatile fuels can also be used in this type of car but the engines are manufactured for petrol, specifically. Carburetor is the main compartment where mixing of fuel and air is done. Spark plugs perform the ignition process.

Hybrid car

Usually cars used only one type of fuel, but if a car uses more than one type of fuel, it is called as hybrid car. Technically speaking, these types of cars are called as hybrid electric vehicles. Basically, it’s the combination of internal combustion engine and electric motors. These motors can be just one or more than two.

Electric car

If an automobile is operated by the one or more electric motors, this is called as electric car. Usually electric energy is stored in some device, and commonly batteries are used for this purpose. Electric motors ensure the smooth working. Electric cars were used in the 19th century and in the early part of 20th century as well. After that more advance and sophisticated engines were available, which were cheaper. So the use of electric cars decline, slowly.

Gas car

The internal combustion engine, which uses gas as a fuel is called as gas engine, and gas cars have gas engines as a source of power. Usually, natural gas is used for this purpose. When gas is used in a car, it becomes really light weight and it cannot bear the pressure like petrol cars.

Petrol car vs Hybrid car vs Electric car vs Gas Cars

All these are different type of power sources, which makes these cars different. In case of petrol car, a petrol combustion engine is used, while hybrid cars can use two types of fuels. Electric cars use electric batteries as a source of power and in gas cars; gasoline is used as a power source. In electric cars, a large number of rechargeable batteries are used, but these cars are not almost obsolete. Petrol cars are dangerous for environment but electric cars don’t produce any kind of pollution. Hybrid cars use petrol and gas both as a source, but one at a time. Gas cars are less efficient as compared to petrol cars, but it’s a cheap type of fuel.

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