What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between Plc, Fpga, Microcontroller and Microprocessor

Electrical and electronics devices work at different principles, designs and logics. All industrial machines, computers, and home base circuits work on different principles. They work according to their design and load. PLC, FPGA, Micro controller and Microprocessor are the names of different types of electronic circuits. Have a brief look on these different circuits.


It is denoted as Programmable Logic Control. It is a digital computer used for industrial circuits like automation and electromechanical industries. It is used to control factory assembly lines, amusement rides etc. Plc is a multi input and output designed. It has extended temperature range, immunity to electronic noise and vibration.


A microprocessor is an incorporate of central processing unit. Basically a microprocessor takes data from input, process it. Save into memory and display through an output. It is a multipurpose programmable device. It can be on a singe circuit or some few integrated circuits. It operates on numbers and symbols which are in the bianery language.


A microcontroller is a small computer on a single circuit.  It contains memory, processor core and input/output peripheral. The memory may be a rom or flash. It is a small single circuit system used in automatically controlled devices, remote controls, office devices, medical devices, toys and embedded systems.


FPGA is denoted as field programmable gated array. It is an integrated circuit which is designed to be configured by the customer or designer after it manufactured. Its configuration generally specifies a hardware description language.

PLC vs FPGA vs Microcontroller vs Microprocessor

The difference between microcontroller and microprocessor is that, microprocessor is a multiple integrated central processing unit which can process, save and display data through output. It is a multipurpose device. While, microcontroller is a single circuit small device containing memory, processor core and an output unit. It is used for single purpose and in smell applications. The difference between PLC and FPGA is, PLC is a multi input and output digital compute used to control factory machine lines and heavy applications, while FPGA is an programmable array which can be configured after manufacturing.

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