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What is the Difference between Rdimm, Rimm, Udimm, Simm, Sdram, Dimm and Sodimm

In-line memory modules that are used as computer accessories are of various types like Rdimm, Rimm, Udimm, Simm, Sdram, Dimm and Sodimm. All these memory modules are different in terms of features as well as structures and functions. However, for common people, there is much confusion about the differences between these memory modules. To avoid this confusion, here is the detail f these memory modules along with key differences between them.


Rdimm or Registered Dimm is a dual in-line memory module, highly suitable for DDR3 memory. The specialty of this in-line memory module is its registered hardware that is used in buffering of control signals up to the modules. It is also suitable supporting module for SDDC memory.


“Rimm” might be a confusing word for you, as it has two meanings. Rimm is the in-line memory module that has much resemblance with Dimm memory, but it is different in terms of pin-settings. Rimm is also a trade name from Rambus and entitled for DRAM or DRDRAM comprising Rambus technology.


Udimm or Un-buffed Dimm memory modules are the perfect solution for making high-speed computers in economical price range. Udimm is available in many types of RAMS like DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and SDRAM etc.


Simm or Single in-line memory module were popular up to late 1990s. this type of in-line memory has redundact   contacts on both sides of memory.


Sdram or Synchronized Dynamic Ram is just like DRAM, but having synchronization with bus system. As the interface of Sdram is synchronized, so it is still widely using technology in personal computers.


Dim or dual in-line memory module is the name of such module that separate electrilcal contacts on both sides of module.


So-dimm or small outline dual in-line memory module was built by using integrated circuits. This is the compact form of Dimm and is preferably used at places, having space restrictions thanks to its almost half size than regular sized dimm.

Rdimm vs Rimm vs Udimm vs Simm vs Sdram vs Dimm vs Sodimm

Rdimm means registered or buffered memory modules in contrast to Udimm that is un-buffered or non-registered memory module. Rimm is trade name by Rambus Corporation and denotes the synchronous dynamic RAM. Simm and dim are the names of single and double in-line memory modules respectively. Moreover, they differ in terms of 32-bit data path and 64-bit data path respectively. Sdram uses synchronized technology to have continuous contact with bus system. However, sodimm is the compact version  of dimm with built-in integrated circuits.

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