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What is the Difference between Volatile and Nonvolatile Memory

The computer system has two types of memories in general; one is called volatile and the other is non-volatile. The word volatile is used for these devices because of their temporary or permanent data storage capacities. Memory means the data storage capacity in a device. Like we have brain a part of it is volatile and a part of it is non-volatile, how? This will be easily understood after reading the characteristics of the two memories of the computer system.

Volatile Memory

A device or a memory device in the computer that needs current to work and keeps the record or data in it is called volatile memory. As its name suggests it need current or electricity to work and to keep the record in it once the current is cut down the data disappears. The most common example of volatile memory is the RAM (random access memory) of the computer. The operating system loads in it and once the power is off, everything erases form RAM that’s why we need to start our system and wait for loading of the operating system to do our tasks. It is very fast and it allocates time very sharply and for little intervals to every program that is loaded in it.

Non-volatile Memory

Non volatile memory is the device which keeps the data even when the current is off.  The most common example of non volatile memory is the ROM (read only memory), and the flash memory. The hard disk of the computer is also non-volatile in nature. Either this memory can be re-written or it is only written once.  Flash drives have the very common use these days. The data is saved in the USB drives and then carried anywhere. They only need to be plugged to the system to retrieve the data. They are generally slow in speed.

Volatile vs Non-volatile Memory

Volatile memory needs power to work and to keep the data in it. Whereas; non volatile memory do not needs power to keep data in it. Once the power is off, the volatile memory loses the data in it. Volatile memory is very fast in data processing as compared to non volatile memory.  Non volatile memory can be written once or can be re-written.

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