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What is the Difference between Denmark, Norway and Sweden

We often hear the name Scandinavian countries, but most of the people really don’t understand this commonly using term. In fact, the term Scandinavia describes the typical cultural region of Northern Europe. The most prominent countries of Scandinavia region are Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The Scandinavian languages are Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. Despite lots of similarities, there are many differences as well between these Scandinavian countries. Here is the difference between Denmark, Norway and Sweden.


Denmark is a Scandinavian sovereign state and located Northern European region. It is bordered with Norway, Sweden and Germany. The national language of Denmark is Danish. Denmark is the land of islands with 443 named islands and mainly consists of Jutland peninsula. Denmark faces larger variations in daylight with just 5-6 hours day light to 16-17 hours daylights during winter and summer seasons. The majority of people belong to Christian religion and followers of “Church of Denmark”.


Norway is located in Scandinavian Peninsula and second least populated European country. Norway is bordered with Sweden, Finland and Russia. Being located at very high altitude, the daylight variations in Norway are very much not only with respect to seasons but with different areas of country. It is famous for export of Stockfish to all parts of globe since 1000 years. The largest religion in Norway is Christianity with followers of “Church of Norway” and Islam is the second largest religion in this country. Norwegian is the official language of Norway which consists of Bokmål and Nynorsk.


Sweden is also a Scandinavian country and located in Northern Europe. It is bordered with Norway, Finland and Denmark. Despite largest country in European Union, it is less populated country. Sweden has moderate climate with large variations in daylight. It is one of the most developed countries all over the world and famous for many remarkable inventions. The official language of Sweden is Swedish. Christianity is the major religion of Sweden with followers of “Church of Sweden”.

Denmark vs Norway vs Sweden

No doubt, all three countries Denmark, Norway and Sweden are the neighbor countries and share the Scandinavian culture like language which is almost similar in these three countries with just difference in name of language according to name of country. However, only Norway and Sweden the Scandinavian peninsula in contrast to Denmark that largely covers Jutland Peninsula. Similarly, there are lots of similarities in religion, climatic condition and cultural habits of residents of these three countries.

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