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What is the Difference between Scabies, Hives and Rash

Skin problems or diseases are of various types and almost all skin diseases appearing in the form of inflammation of the upper skin layer. In fact, the symptoms of almost all skin diseases are same or nearly identical. This situation becomes difficult for a patient to diagnose or identify the type of skin problem itself. Ultimately, the patient goes to a skin specialist in diagnosing the exact problem and its treatment. Scabies, Hives and Rash are the types of skin diseases which are very similar in terms of symptoms. However, there are some differences between these different types of Skin problems.


Scabies is a skin infection which is caused by a microscopic parasite called Sarcoptes scabei. The common symptoms of scabies are itching, rash and skin abrasion or sores, however in severe cases it appears in the form of crusted scabies. The intense itching at night is a very clear sign of this disease. Scabies is a spreading disease even by minor skin-to-skin contact. The other ways of spreading this disease are swimming pool, clothing, towel and bedding. The treatment of scabies involves different types of medicated creams.


Hives which is also known as Urticaria is a skin inflammation which appears in the form of pale red swollen bumps on the surface of skin. The reasons behind appearing hives are an allergic reaction of anything or any kind of infection and even stress. Burning, itching and sting like reaction are the common signs of this skin disease. Normally, hives cure automatically or after a little medication. However, in serious cases there could be some breathing problem which is dangerous.


The rash is the condition of skin with changed color or texture with itchiness and warm feeling. The causes behind rash are very diverse like the reaction of cosmetics, detergents, soaps, chemicals or some diseases like hives, scabies, eczema, shingles and many more. The treatment includes leaving the affected area open without scrubbing and avoiding the reason allergy.

Scabies vs Hives vs Rash

The key difference between Scabies, Hives and Rash is that, scabies is spreading disease with skin-to-skin touch or by using the accessories of affected persons. However, hives and rash are not affected diseases. Moreover, a person having hives or scabies could also have rash in most cases. Moreover, the symptoms of scabies look like same as hives at early stage but later on it differ from the hives by appearing skin folds and crevices.

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