What is the Difference Between Similar But Different Things, Terms, and Objects

What is the Difference between Honor, Incentive, Prize, Reward and Award

There are lots of such words in English language that have similar meanings and people often use them as synonyms of each others. One great example of such words is “Honor, Incentive, Prize, Reward and Award”. Yes, all we know that these are words that we do not take care to use either one, when we want to appreciate someone for its any special work. However, being having difference in spellings, obviously, they all are somewhat different words. Let’s have a look on the difference between them.


“Honor” is the word that is used both as noun and verb. However, when we mean to give high respect to someone on its extra-ordinary work, we use the word “Honor” as a verb with some object.


“Incentive” is the word that is used both as noun and adjective. In case of noun, it is motivational sign to encourage someone on his great work by giving some extra facility.


“Prize” and “Award” almost similar words. Both words mean some special thing that gives to a person on its best or excellent work as compared to other ones that are fighting for same cause.


Reward is something received by a person of completion of an assigned target or service duration. Usually, it is some pre-decided thing that the receiving person knows well that he will get it on completion of his duty.


The word “Award” is used in similar meanings as “Prize”.

Honor vs Incentive vs Prize vs Reward vs Award

All the words “Honor, Incentive, Prize, Reward and Award” are used in very close meanings. However, the word “Honor” is particularly used to give maximum respect to a person on doing some special work. while, incentive and reward are very close words but having difference only that, incentive is normally some surprising gift to anybody on its best work in contrast to Reward that is mostly pre-known gift on successful completion of an assigned task. Award and Prize are typically used for winning persons that appear in some competition.

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