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What is the Difference between Fructose Sucrose Glycogen Glucose and Galactose

We need carbohydrates in an appropriate proportion on daily basis along with vitamins, protein and fiber and sugar is the best source of providing carbohydrates. Sugar is the major constituent of our daily diet and we cannot imagine our life without sugar. However, sugar is available in different forms like Fructose, Sucrose, Glycogen, Glucose and Galactose. If you have no idea about the difference between these forms, just read this article and make your mind clear.


Fructose that is also called fruit sugar is obtained from plant sources like sugar beets, sugar canes and corns. It is one of those monosaccharide that are easily digestible and absorbable into bloodstream.


Sucrose is the type of sugar that we use table sugar and also known as saccharose. It is white, crystalline and odorless organic compound that has best sweet taste as well as a healthy nutrition for human being. Sources of sucrose extraction are also beet and sugarcane.


Glycogen is secondary energy storage molecule, present in fungal and animal cells. The sources of glycogen generation are present within the body like liver, muscles, stomach and even brain.


Glucose, also known as simple sugar or grape sugar, is a very important carbohydrate for all living organisms including plants. It is responsible for providing energy to human being for metabolic reactions within the body, photosynthesis in plants and cellular respiration as well.


Galactose is the least sweat form of sugar that is the glucose epimer. The major sources of galactose generation are sugar beets, dairy products, mucilage and gums.

Fructose vs Sucrose vs Glycogen vs Glucose vs Galactose

The key difference between fructose, sucrose, glycogen, glucose and galactose is that, fructose is a fruit sugar, sucrose is the table sugar, glycogen is the energy storage molecule, glucose is simple sugar or common sugar and galactose is low sweat sugar. Similalrly, sucrose, galactose and fructose have pure natural sources in contrast to glycogen and glucose that is present in other sources as well.

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