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What is the Difference between Angioplasty Stent Bypass and Open Heart Surgery

Cardiac diseases are treated with or without surgery depend upon the nature and extent of heart or vessel disease. It is not that that we can choose non-surgical treatments instead of surgical treatments for curing of our heart disease ourselves. It’s all upon heart-specialists to decide about the type of treatment. Some treatments are surgical like Bypass and open heart surgeries, while some are non-surgical like angioplasty and stenting. Here is the introduction and differences of these terms.


Angioplasty is a non-surgical cardiac treatment that is adopted, when a person suffer from blockage of heart arteries. By means of angioplasty bold flow is improved in heart arteries. In this treatment, a balloon-tipped catheter is inserted in the blocked point of artery and then balloon is overblown to open or remove the blockage.


Stenting or vascular stenting is a type of angioplasty, in which a small tube is placed inside the artery at the blocked point but at permanent basis. The stents could be wire mesh type (bare stents) or stents grafts (covered stents).

Bypass Surgery

Bypass surgery or Coronary artery bypass surgery is the surgical cardiac treatment that is adopted; when the heart muscles are blocked by some plaque and resistance in flow of blood from arteries to heart occur. In this method, arteries that are taken from any other part of body, are grafted to bypass blockage and continuing constant supply of blood to heart muscles.

Open Heart Surgery

Open heart surgery is the most complicated surgical cardiac treatment in which internal structure of heart is treated by opening the heart of patient. This surgical method is applied to ensure constant supply of blood from heart to whole body through arteries.

Angioplasty vs Stent vs Bypass vs Open Heart Surgery

Both angioplasty and stenting are non-surgical treatments for cardiac diseases. However, in case of angioplasty, a small tube having balloon tip is inserted in the artery to open the blocked point and regulate the flow of blood in contrast to stenting, in which a small tube is permanently placed at the blockage point of artery. On the other hand, Bypass surgery and open heart surgery are the surgical treatments for curing heart diseases. In case of bypass, it is not necessary to open the heart and operate inner structure of heart and in this case, blood circulation is smoothened from arteries to heart in contrast to open heart surgery, in which flow of blood is ensured from heart to other parts of body and essentially heart is opened to treat muscles of heart.

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